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Derek Arden Chats With Guests about Negotiations and Perceptions

Coffee Shop Negotiator
– Neutral
– Reciprocity
– Round table not a desk

Derek relates why he likes being a coffee shop Negotiator

Derek Arden:
Story about Barclays fire alarm during training – 25 cups of coffee 10% discount.
Porsche coffee cup and numberplates
Subliminal Selling
Kate Bingham and covid vaccinations perceptions

Tim Durkin:
US reactions to Royalty
Royalty vs Celebrity
Perceptions of Meghan and Harry interview
Meghan opportunist using racecard
Derek’s concern about US Breakfast club reaction to his presentation.
Prince Charles visit to imitation Crystal Palace in 1986.
Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders
Tim Ferris podcast – Rabbi Sachs. Great questions.

Martin Kearns:
Story of Chinese delegation and David Beckham signature.

Will Kintish:
Story of Masai Manchester United followers.
New social media app Clubhouse.

Godfrey Lancashire:
Prince Charles and Poundbury in Dorset,