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Derek Arden

Derek Arden Interviews …

International Negotiator Derek Arden interviews a number of “game changers” in the business world on these regular podcasts. Derek asks searching questions which will enable the listeners to take away snippets, ideas and wisdom to use in their own business’s, careers and lives.

Jane Gunn With Derek – Mediator and Negotiator [Podcast]

Interview with Mediator Jane Gunn

Jane Gunn –


Mediator talks about Mediation

Mediator Jane Gunn with Derek Arden where they discuss mediation and boardroom behaviour and body language

  • Judge referrals of mediation cases increasing
  • Mediators need to get under the skin.
  • Parties involved in big room and break out rooms
  • Communication often aggressive initially
  • Many come prepared for war rather than dialogue
  • Mediator has to identify Key Issues and what the future should look like
  • Identify total cost, money, family, health and business
  • Aim to resolve by midnight!
  • Breaks and nourishment

Boardroom Meetings

  • Ground Rules about Values
  • Reflexive and reporting back
  • Staff monitoring
  • Body language and clear language
  • Body language – Amy Cuddy TED Talk
  • Phones and laptops in meetings
  • Story about text in a meeting
  • TIP – Tweets early morning
  • TIP – 17 minute meetings


Patricia Fripp with Derek – Stories in Business Presentations

Interview with Patricia Fripp Speech Coach

Patricia Fripp – Stories in Business Presentations.


Patricia Fripp offers a couple of formulas about stories that will win stories in business presentations.  She also illustrates with a story at the end of her part in a successful presentation.

 Stories in Business Presentations – Social Proof

  • Arsenal of Stories
  • Businesses – same size and same compexity.
  • People to people emotional presentations.
  • Discover prospect challenges.
  • Use words of happiest customers.
  • Interview customers – they will write your script
  • Free forming
  • Record and transcribe.

Imagine Stories

  • Story about the Future
  • What is likely to happen.
  • Unfair advantage
  • Test, test, test – rehearse

Patricia Fripp – “Over the top Fripp”


Derek Interview of Gabrielle Gache – NLP and Hypnosis


Interview with Gabrielle Gache – NLP and Hypnosis

Here are some of the points discussed.

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP
  • Brain chitter chatter – Voices in our head
  • Tuning into our voices – the tone and volume
  • Positive and Negative language
  • Programming – smiling and body – working together
  • Hypnosis or being Conditioned
  • Hypnosis and Relaxation
  • Energised for presentations
  • Oprah Winfrey quoted about her Success

To see the video of this interview:

Frank Furness Social Media Expert with Derek


Interview with Frank Furness

 Master Social Media Expert and Public Speaker.

Here are some of the points we discuss.

  • Coaching the Crown Prince with me in Abu Dhabi.
  • How to keep up to date with LinkedIn, YouTube and the volume and quality of videos on YouTube.
  • How youTube will promote your videos when you get viewer to stay.
  • Why keywords are critical.
  • LinkedIn is fantastic for networking.
  • Sport is a great ice breaker for connecting with people. Desmond Haynes, an amazing cricketer connection.
  • Local customs for building rapport.


Patricia Fripp with Derek – Speaking To Any Size Audience, from 1 upwards

Interview with Patricia Fripp Speech Coach and Business Mentor from San Francisco USA.

Patricia Fripp is about speaking to a smaller audience.



  • All speaking is public speaking.
  • Don’t programme what you don’t want.
  • Is that your audience is interested in your subject.
  • Speak as an audience advocate.
  • Purpose of the meeting.
  • Focus on audience.
  • Sell by doing.
  • They talk and give you clues so you can be on the same wavelength.
  • Compromise from perfection
  • YOU centered phrases
  • Rehearsal
  • Use specific language

Patricia Fripp – Handful of Key Specific Ideas



Justin Urquhart-Stewart with Derek on brexit, negotiating and investing today

Listen to Justin Urquhart-Stewart on key issues.

  • How a watch can be vital when negotiating in Uganda.
  • Why inactivity fees and some financial services fees are a rip off.
  • The goal is to help people get wealthier.
  • Why to get something done you have to set fire to the past.
  • When investing, it’s the dividends that count and minimising the charges.
  • Don’t panic in a financial squall – volatility is normal.
  • Some investing like Crypto currencies is just betting.




Derek Arden Interview’s Neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw

Lynda Shaw talks to me about how neuroscience is an embryonic science as our scanning equipment upgrades we learn more about the brain. Her doctorate was in hemispheric specialisation.

How the research has moved on from left and right brain 1980’s knowledge. For example emotions are processed in both parts of the brain. Different parts of the memory are held in different parts of the brain

Alpha state for important negotiations. Getting the brain in the right state. Brainwaves – the fastest is gamma, then beta, alpha, delta. Lynda describes that delicious place when we are just waking up, not quite asleep not quite awake thats where we get our most creative ideas. If you are good at meditating you can get the brain down into theta state.

In a negotiation it is very important to realise that you never know how anybody feels. If you think you do, you might think you know where they are coming from. If you assume you know what people are going to say, you will have shut down half of the answers you will get. Put the brain into a calm state so that you are relaxed, you are in control of your emotional responses as you don’t want you emotions to get out of control and you have empathy.

One last thought. We only have perception, there is no personal reality, only personal perception. We are unique and no one else will think like us. So in any negotiation situation you must realise that everyone is unique and perception is unique.

Interview with Winston Marsh – Australia’s Sales and Marketing Guru

I interview Winston Marsh at his home in Melbourne, Australia.

‘Winno’ as he is known uses the word fantastic a great deal like I do.

This is a must listen interview which is full of more than 21 tips, techniques and ideas to catapult you into a flying start in 2018.

We were both trained on a diet of sales and marketing which has no room for negativity.

Here are just some: –

  • What’s the difference between a pig and a hen?
  • 80% of people are not committed!
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
  • Why would the client choose you?
  • The difference between USA, Australian and UK negotiators?
  • Why listen, decide and take action works.
  • When to use a phone, and use it for what it was invented for!
  • Use an information vacuum cleaner to distill information for you!
  • What happened to scare Winston when he went to speak in a prison!
  • What’s your plan for this year?

21 minutes of ideas from Australia where #winstonmarsh explains to people in the UK, how Australia and Britain differ.

In fact his use of language shows how more reserved we #brits are.

Derek Arden Interview with Andrew Henley

Work, Life Balance

Barrister, Yogi and formerly a Police Firearms officer Andrew Henley talks to me about what he has leant from these very different occupations.

As a police officer, as a meditation master / yoga coach (how and why he learnt his trade in the Himalayas) and how he balances his work as a barrister, teaching stress at the bar together with teaching his daughter from home. This is a must listen to 17 minutes.

When you learn you earn.

Learn from the masters.

Interview with Linkedin and Social Media Sales expert – Philip Calvert

Philip Calvert Talks About Linkedin

In this interview with Linkedin expert Philip Calvert –
We discuss; how to maximise linkedin for your benefit, why it is essential to have a trustworthy picture, why it is important to fill in your profile in detail and how to model (not copy) other people’s profiles.