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Derek Arden

Derek Arden Interviews …

International Negotiator Derek Arden interviews a number of “game changers” in the business world on these regular podcasts. Derek asks searching questions which will enable the listeners to take away snippets, ideas and wisdom to use in their own business’s, careers and lives.

#DerekArden interview’s Neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw

Lynda Shaw talks to me about how neuroscience is an embryonic science as our scanning equipment upgrades we learn more about the brain. Her doctorate was in hemispheric specialisation. How the research has moved on from left and right brain 1980's knowledge. For example emotions are processed in both parts of the brain. Different parts of the memory are held in different parts of the brain Alpha state for important negotiations. Getting the brain in the right state. Brainwaves - the fastest is gamma, then beta, alpha, delta. Lynda describes that delicious place when we are just waking up, not quite asleep not quite awake thats where we get our most creative ideas. If you are good at meditating you can get the brain down into theta state. In a #negotiation it is very important to realise that you never know how anybody feels. If you think you do, you might think you know where they are coming from. If you assume you know what people are going to say, you will have shut down half of...

Interview with Winston Marsh – Australia’s #1 Sales and Marketing Guru

I interview Winston Marsh at his home in Melbourne, Australia. Winno as he is known uses the word fantastic a great deal like I do. We were both trained on a diet of sales and marketing which has no room for negativity. This is a must listen interview which is full of more than 21 tips, techniques and ideas to catapult you into a flying start in 2018. Here are just some - What's the difference between a pig and a hen? 80% of people are not committed! When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Why would the client choose you? The difference between USA, Australian and UK negotiators? Why listen, decide and take action works. When to use a phone, and use it for what it was invented for! Use an information vacuum cleaner to distill information for you! What happened to scare Winston when he went to speak in a prison! What's your plan for this year? 21 minutes of ideas from Australia where #winstonmarsh explains to people in the UK, how Australia and Britain differ. In fact his use...

Interview with Andrew Henley

Barrister, Yogi and formerly a Police Firearms officer Andrew Henley talks to me about what he has leant from these very different occupations. As a police officer, as a meditation master / yoga coach (how and why he learnt his trade in the Himalayas) and how he balances his work as a barrister, teaching stress at the bar together with teaching his daughter from home. This is a must listen to 17 minutes. When you learn you earn. Learn from the masters.

Interview with Linkedin and Social Media Sales expert – Philip Calvert

In this interview with Linkedin expert Philip Calvert - We discuss; how to maximise linkedin for your benefit, why it is essential to have a trustworthy picture, why it is important to fill in your profile in detail and how to model (not copy) other people’s profiles.

Interview with Artificial Intelligence Expert Michael Rendell

In this podcast  - Derek discusses with Michael Rendell Senior Partner in PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). What is Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect us. He explains why delivery drivers will be redundant. How education will be personalised to your learning style. How the jobs of carers will change and the consequences of our 1st $billion dollar robbery.