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Telephone Skills by the Telephone Assassin.

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Live, Derek Arden hosts Anthony Stears, also known as the “Telephone Assassin,” in a compelling interview that sheds light on Stears’ innovative approaches to maximising phone usage in call centres telephone skills and professional environments.

Anthony Stears, who shares a humble beginning with Derek, including entrepreneurial ventures from a young age, details his evolution from an ambitious car washer to a real estate agent, and finally to a master of telephone sales and professional speaking. With a knack for conversation, Anthony branded himself as the “Telephone Assassin,” a title reflecting his prowess in navigating and revolutionizing telephone communications for business success.

Throughout the interview, Stears shares anecdotes and insights from his career journey. Initially challenged by his youthful appearance, he learned to establish credibility before face-to-face meetings through strategic pre-meeting phone calls. This approach not only warmed up his clients but also set the stage for more effective in-person interactions.

As the conversation progresses, Anthony delves into his strategies for building effective conversational tactics and eliminating ineffective business practices, which he refers to as “Bull.” He emphasizes the importance of fostering a belief in one’s abilities and services, a philosophy that has guided his professional trajectory.

Anthony recounts pivotal moments that shaped his career, like the experience of being underestimated due to his age during a property valuation, which taught him the importance of proving his worth before being seen. This incident led him to leverage the power of telephone conversations to build rapport and set the groundwork for successful business interactions.

He also touches on the business lessons learned from running a telemarketing company, where he transitioned from direct sales to offering workshops, thus broadening his impact and income. These workshops were so successful that they prompted him to further engage in professional speaking, eventually leading him to become an influential figure in the sales and speaking circuits.

Stears candidly discusses the challenges and misconceptions about phone-based communication, noting that despite technological advances, the fundamental principles of effective salesmanship and customer service remain rooted in personal, direct interactions.

In closing, Anthony highlights the ongoing relevance of telephone skills in the digital age, where so many are hesitant to engage in direct dialogue, stressing that mastering these skills can significantly enhance business outcomes.

This episode of Monday Night Live not only explores Anthony Stears’ unique approach to sales and professional speaking but also serves as an inspirational guide for leveraging traditional tools in innovative ways to achieve business success.