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Derek Arden with Justin Urquhart-Stewart about Market Forecasts

Media commentator Justin Urquhart-Stewart, the man with the red braces, the economy, the markets and the opportunities and threats in the next year.

Great session with a great rant about regulators who are fast asleep.

Derek Arden questions Justin about the current markets.

  • Woodford Equities – secure funds
  • Savings and returns
  • Nothing is risk-free not even cash.
  • Purple Bricks
  • Gold – equities unreliable, bond markets, government debt.
  • Property and commercial properties
  • Zombie Companies
  • Regional Investments – investors to business matching
  • Dollar weakness
  • Markets for the future, technology, localisation for local suppliers, green environmental companies.
  • Regulators not up to the job – comparison with American regulators.
  • AND China!!

You can find all of Derek Arden’s Lockdown interviews on his YouTube Chanel