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Second-anniversary show – with tip top tips from some of the amazing presenters on the Monday Night Live Zoom Radio Show over the last 2 years

This week celebrates the 139th Monday Night Live Internet Radio Show.

We started on 23 March 2020, the first day of lockdown three times a week. The show became a permanent Monday feature in September 2020 and we have been privileged to have learned from some amazing people.

Thank you for your encouragement which has been overwhelming and enabled me to continue to seek out many of the best speakers, trainers and educators in the world. Some of them will be with us tonight.

I asked 25 experts in their various fields to share one tip each.

01:30 Speak in Black and White
02:25 Everyone can teach you
03:30 Small Talk – Ego
07:30 Personal Logo
13:00 Key to success – Confidence and Preparation
15:00 Compare Yourself To Yourself
18:00 Memorable Brand Image
20:46 A Vilain in My World a Hero in His World
22:00 Questions You Should not Ask
25:00 Body Language
27:00 Acronym Fear
29:00 Increasing Cost of Software
33:00 Respect Other Cultures
36:00 Give a Lot
38:00 Caretakers of Environment
40:00 Never Let Guard Down
42:00 Prepare For Best – Plan For the Worst
45:00 Reciprocity
47:00 Share Knowledge and Motivate Next Generation
48:00 Leveraging Podcasts
50:00 Improve Focus – Surf The Urge

Derek Arden