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Today, we’re thrilled to have Carole Peters-King, a multifaceted professional whose career spans journalism, documentary filmmaking, sailor society and global communications. Here’s a snapshot of what we covered:.

From Journalism to Global Communications
Carole started her career in journalism, first at the Leicester Mercury, then moved to radio and television, quickly rising to a producer and director role. She later transitioned into a surprising yet fulfilling role as a Church of England priest, while still engaging in communications and journalism.

Advocating for Sailors’ Safety
As the Global Communications Director for the Sailor Society, Carole highlighted the critical support her organization provides to sailors navigating dangerous waters, particularly through the Red Sea. The society, established in 1818, offers 24-hour support, crisis response, and welfare training to improve sailors’ mental and physical health.

Frontline Journalism and Documentary Making
Carole shared captivating stories from her days as a war reporter and documentary filmmaker. Her work includes investigative pieces on consumer issues and in-depth documentaries on serial killers and spies, shedding light on dark and complex subjects.

A Vicar with a Vicar of Dibley Twist
Embodying a blend of Bridget Jones and the beloved Vicar of Dibley, Carole brings humor and depth to her role as a priest. She recounted a particularly memorable moment delivering last rites dressed as the angel Gabriel, showcasing her unique approach to her spiritual duties.

Final Thoughts and Inspirations
Carole’s advice to viewers emphasizes the importance of enjoying life while striving to make a positive impact on the world and maintaining integrity in every action.

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