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In this week’s Monday Night Live Podcast, Derek Arden talks to Leon Bamforth recovering techie about remote and hybrid working

  • Leon Bamforth is a business consultant with a background in robotics and technology. He emphasizes the importance of using tools effectively and efficiently in the modern world.
  • Leon describes himself as a “recovering techie” and discusses how technology can be both useful and detrimental to human connections and collaboration.
  • The conversation moves on to remote and hybrid team working, a topic that has gained prominence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leon highlights the challenges faced by leaders in managing remote teams effectively.
  • Derek and Leon discuss the need for leaders to trust their teams and create an environment that fosters engagement and productivity, rather than resorting to micromanagement.
  • They also touch on the debate about whether to force employees back into the office or allow flexibility in remote work, emphasizing the importance of considering the desired outcomes and goals of the organization.
  • Leon shares his experience working on the National Vaccination Program during the pandemic, highlighting the dedication and teamwork required to achieve ambitious goals.
  • The conversation shifts to the topic of mediation, with Leon explaining how his mediation skills are valuable in helping teams and leaders navigate conflicts and work collaboratively.
  • Derek brings up the concept of toxic people, and Leon conducts an audience engagement exercise to show that most people have encountered toxic individuals at some point, yet few consider themselves toxic.
  • They discuss the importance of curiosity and empathy in understanding people’s behaviour and resolving conflicts.
  • Leon explains the title of his book, “Find Your Rat to Double Your Income,” which encourages people to explore unconventional paths and opportunities that they might overlook in their pursuit of success.
  • Derek and Leon briefly discuss telephone etiquette and email communication, emphasizing the need to use technology to connect and collaborate effectively rather than hide from difficult conversations.

The interview concludes with Derek expressing gratitude to Leon for sharing his insights and inviting the audience to informal discussions.

Overall, the interview explores the challenges and opportunities of remote work, effective leadership, conflict resolution, and the importance of human connection in a technology-driven world. Leon Bamforth emphasizes the value of curiosity, trust, and empathy in building successful teams and organizations.

Derek Arden

Leon Bamforth