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In this interview on Monday Night Live, Derek Arden welcomes Sue Richardson, an award-winning nonfiction publisher and the founder of the right book company. Sue shares her journey into the world of publishing, highlighting the different types of book publishing and offering valuable insights for aspiring authors.

Getting into Publishing:
Sue Richardson initially pursued a career in theater but found it financially challenging. After working in the higher education sector and discovering her passion for publishing, she made a career shift in her early 30s. Sue emphasizes the importance of realizing your true calling and finding the right path.

Types of Book Publishing:
Sue explains the differences between traditional trade publishing, self-publishing, and hybrid publishing. Hybrid publishing, the model employed by her company, offers a middle ground between the other two options. It allows authors with compelling ideas and stories but without mass market appeal to publish their books professionally.

Writing a Book:
Sue discusses her own experience with writing a book, emphasizing that while she has written some books, her true passion lies in editing and publishing other people’s work. She advises aspiring authors to explore their strengths and consider whether writing or editing is their forte.

Why Business Owners Should Write a Book:
Sue highlights the benefits of business owners writing books, including establishing credibility, sharing their stories, and leaving a legacy. A well-written book can serve as a powerful business card and a tool to reach a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of new opportunities.

Getting Started with Writing a Book:
Sue advises prospective authors to start by defining their purpose for writing a book and identifying their target audience. Understanding the “why” and “who” behind the book helps clarify the content and objectives. She also suggests seeking support and accountability from others, such as writing coaches or writing buddies.

Overcoming Writer’s Block:
Sue and Derrick discuss strategies for overcoming writer’s block, emphasizing the importance of silencing the inner critic and focusing on the creative process. Setting aside the urge to edit while writing can help free the creative flow.

The Cost of Hybrid Publishing:
Sue acknowledges that hybrid publishing can be costlier than self-publishing but ensures a professional, high-quality product. Costs can vary, depending on the level of support and services an author requires, ranging from editing to promotional activities.

Promotion and Publicity:
Sue emphasizes the need for effective promotion and publicity for any book, whether traditionally or hybrid published. Authors can explore various strategies, such as leveraging their network or seeking professional help, to get their book noticed.

Closing Thoughts:
Sue encourages aspiring authors not to tackle the writing journey alone and to find a supportive community or partner to share the experience. Writing a book is a rewarding endeavor that can open doors and leave a lasting impact on both the author and their readers.