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In this week’s Monday Night Live Podcast, Derek Arden talks to the incredible public speaker, Jennifer de St Georges, about overcoming procrastination and perfecting leadership skills. Jennifer shares her journey from being a professional speaker to becoming a recovering perfectionist and offers valuable insights into managing procrastination. Discover her unique perspective on leadership and how she’s helped dentists and entrepreneurs worldwide. Don’t miss this engaging conversation!

Jennifer’s Unconventional Journey: From Dentistry to Professional Speaking

Jenny embarked on an unconventional path to professional speaking. Her journey began when she married into the world of dentistry, despite having no prior knowledge of the field. On day one, her then-husband asked her to answer the phone for their dental business, launching her into a world of unknowns. This unexpected turn of events changed the course of her life, leading her from London to New York and ultimately to San Francisco, where she met a man named Edmund, setting the stage for her remarkable journey.

Recovering Perfectionism: Tackling Procrastination Head-On

One intriguing aspect of Jennifer’s story is her identification as a “recovering perfectionist.” She shares her experiences dealing with perfectionism, a trait prevalent among many dentists and other left-brained professionals. While perfectionism can contribute to their excellence in their fields, it can also lead to stress and challenges in personal and professional relationships. Jennifer sheds light on how she has learned to manage her perfectionist tendencies and help others do the same.

Perfectionists often focus on the minutiae, seeking out flaws and imperfections, which can be both a strength and a weakness. Jennifer recalls her own perfectionist tendencies, such as spotting a single typo in a 15-page document and feeling compelled to point it out immediately. She emphasizes the importance of striking a balance and fostering positivity when dealing with perfectionism. Recognizing and addressing this trait is essential for personal growth and stress reduction.

The Importance of Leadership in Entrepreneurship

Jennifer’s expertise extends beyond public speaking as she provides guidance to professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. She touches on the critical role of leadership in running a successful business. Dentists, in particular, often excel in their clinical expertise but may lack the skills needed to lead and manage a team effectively.

Jennifer highlights the three essential “buckets” she uses to guide businesses: the customer, the team, and the business itself. She emphasizes that every action within a business should align with these three core aspects. Leadership and team management are pivotal in creating a thriving environment where staff feels valued and motivated. Neglecting these crucial elements can lead to disarray within a business and hinder growth.

Mental Discipline and Honing Your Mind: Keys to Success

As the conversation continues, Jennifer shares her insights into mental discipline and maintaining focus. She discusses the challenges of managing a creative mind and avoiding distractions. One valuable technique she employs is mental rehearsal, where she mentally plans her day while lying in bed, visualizing her tasks and goals. This practice helps her maintain a sharp focus and productivity throughout the day.

Jennifer also discusses the importance of addressing issues promptly and not allowing problems to fester. She advocates for open communication and feedback within a team, acknowledging that neglecting problems can lead to stress and damage relationships. She shares her personal strategies for staying on track and avoiding procrastination.

Derek Arden