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Susan RoAne, author of “How to Work a Room,” discusses her journey into the world of networking and shares valuable insights on networking and working a room.

Susan’s Journey:
Susan RoAne’s career transition from a public school teacher to a writer and speaker.
Her introduction to writing for the San Francisco Examiner and how it led to her career in networking and public speaking.

Networking vs. Working a Room:
The difference between networking and working a room.
“How to Work a Room” focuses on navigating events and gatherings, while “Secrets of Savvy Networking” emphasizes follow-up and building a network.

Networking Styles:
Men and women have different networking styles.
Women tend to prioritize relationships, while men may focus on transactions.
The importance of combining the best qualities of both networking styles.

The core principles of referrals remain the same despite technological advancements.
The importance of recommending individuals to others whom you trust and believe will do a good job.

Shyness often begins in childhood when we hide behind our parents.
The impact of technology and social media on shyness.
The realization that many people in social situations feel uncomfortable, making it easier to approach others.

Preparing before entering a room by having conversation topics ready.
Approaching someone standing alone as a way to initiate a conversation.
Using food, fashion, or unique accessories as conversation starters.
Encouraging people to be approachable.

Remembering Names:
Make it easy for others to remember your name by introducing yourself.
The value of initiating a conversation with your name.
Asking for someone’s name if you forget it and repeating it to ensure accuracy.

Handshakes and Gender Dynamics:
The importance of a firm handshake for professional communication.
Suggesting women use a straightforward handshake to establish professionalism.
Maintaining personal boundaries during handshakes to prevent misinterpretation.

Parting Advice:
Carry the idea of “you never know” with you wherever you go, encouraging open-mindedness and kindness.
Treating everyone with respect and courtesy, as you never know where connections and opportunities may arise.

Susan RoAne shares valuable insights into networking, working a room, and professional etiquette, offering practical tips for building meaningful connections.