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Derek Arden – Negotiating Podcast


Negotiating Podcast – Mr Negotiator talks about Negotiating

Psychological negotiating tactics and you need to watch the body language for the truth.

So best techniques we want to have a competitive edge:

12 steps in my negotiating system which is in my latest book, Win Win‘, – how to get a get a winning result from persuasive negotiations.

Preparation:  Where do we think they’re coming from, – where are we coming from – what’s the best position – target position – walk away position that we’ve got. And if we do walk away, what’s the alternative position.

  • First Impressions
  • Asking good questions – high quality questions.
  • Look and Listen, and body language.
  • Use head and brainstorming – negotiators frame of mind.
  • Reading body language
  • Watch for signs of lying
  • Negotiating tactics and strategies
  • Controlling time
  • Deadlines as in Northern Irish negotiations
  • Taking a time out to think things through with your team.
  • Power of flinching.
  • Colombo tactic – just one more thing.
  • Influencing skills – work of Robert Cialdini.
  • Targeting skills, If we do this for you. What will you do for us?
  • Conflict.
  • Confidence and ready for any curveball

Story Negotiating Meeting in Paris:

£10 million euro transactions We were ready for their delaying tactics