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Derek Arden in his Monday Night Live Talks To Mike Pagan About His Book ‘Mental Wealth

Tonight we are delighted to welcome Mike Pagan to Monday Night Live.

Make today the day you start living life your way – with all the rewarding benefits of Mental Wealth!

Mike has had a wide-ranging career which started in banking then into sales with Forte hotels and now, like many of us, Mike helps people in their self-development.

Mike is qualified mental health first aider, we look forward to finding out what that means.

Mike’s latest book Mental Wealth was written during the lockdown and published in September.

Mental wealth is a combination of optimum mental health and the backing of a committed support network that Mike refers to as the mental wealth team

Recognise your true potential, love what you do and live the life you choose with the support, encouragement and proactive potential of a Mental Wealth team.

Humans are social animals and we need the help of others to succeed in life and work. With collective wisdom, mutual support and a Mental Wealth team by your side you can:

  • Power through obstacles and problems.
  • Achieve more and expect success.
  • Unleash creativity, improve decisions and eliminate isolation.
  • Nurture your mind, body and soul and find resilience in challenging times.
  • Navigate your own unique journey with purpose and passion.


Derek Arden

Mike Pagan