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Derek Arden – Improving performance with Steve Head.  

One of our original speakers from 2020 on Monday Night Live returns, to tell us about the work he did with the English Wheelchair Rugby League team as one of the mental performance coaches.

England won the world cup in Manchester just before Christmas.

Steve will also be reminding us of his simple but effective 4X4 = 15 signature story and the work he has been doing with vulnerable staff working in the NHS.

Derek has known Steve for over 20 years and he is an in-demand speaker, trainer and coach.

Bullet Points of this interview:

– How to improve performance,

– England Wheelchair Rugby League,

– Mindset and Connectivity,

– Coping with pressure,

– 149 versus 15,

– Emphasise behaviours and practices in 149 versus 15,

– Emphasise wins,

– Mindset when under pressure,

– Self-confidence but also connectivity,

– Steve Peters Chimp Paradox,

– Focus on what you can do something about,

See this lively and amusing interview with questions asked by Derek Arden,

Derek Arden