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Interview with Mediator Jane Gunn

JaneĀ Gunn –


Mediator talks about Mediation

Mediator Jane Gunn with Derek Arden where they discuss mediation and boardroom behaviour and body language

  • Judge referrals of mediation cases increasing
  • Mediators need to get under the skin.
  • Parties involved in big room and break out rooms
  • Communication often aggressive initially
  • Many come prepared for war rather than dialogue
  • Mediator has to identify Key Issues and what the future should look like
  • Identify total cost, money, family, health and business
  • Aim to resolve by midnight!
  • Breaks and nourishment

Boardroom Meetings

  • Ground Rules about Values
  • Reflexive and reporting back
  • Staff monitoring
  • Body language and clear language
  • Body language – Amy Cuddy TED Talk
  • Phones and laptops in meetings
  • Story about text in a meeting
  • TIP – Tweets early morning
  • TIP – 17 minute meetings