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In this interview, the guest speaker, Eva, discusses intuition, the small brain, and energy fields.

She explains that intuition is a form of energy that is emotionally neutral and non-verbal and that it can be experienced as a physical sensation such as a change in heart rate or goosebumps.

Eva emphasizes the importance of staying in one’s heart space and avoiding allowing the ego to hijack the process of intuition.

Eva also discusses the small brain or heart brain, which she describes as the ringleader of the brain. She explains that the small brain communicates with the larger brain through non-verbal means and that it is the source of intuition.

Eva argues that modern Western society has created an imbalance in which the rational, left side of the brain is honoured while the small brain is forgotten.

Finally, Eva discusses energy fields, explaining that energy does not have mechanical boundaries like matter and that energy healing is possible even at a distance. She notes that Western medicine often refers to energy healing as spontaneous healing and that it can be difficult to replicate in scientific studies due to the unique nature of each person’s biology and experiences.

Overall, Eva argues that accessing and utilizing intuition is crucial in decision-making and negotiation and that it requires quieting the rational brain and tuning into the small brain and energy fields.

She suggests that developing this skill takes practice and staying emotionally neutral while trusting one’s physical and intuitive sensations.

Derek Arden