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I interview Winston Marsh at his home in Melbourne, Australia.

‘Winno’ as he is known uses the word fantastic a great deal like I do.

This is a must listen interview which is full of more than 21 tips, techniques and ideas to catapult you into a flying start in 2018.

We were both trained on a diet of sales and marketing which has no room for negativity.

Here are just some: –

  • What’s the difference between a pig and a hen?
  • 80% of people are not committed!
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going!
  • Why would the client choose you?
  • The difference between USA, Australian and UK negotiators?
  • Why listen, decide and take action works.
  • When to use a phone, and use it for what it was invented for!
  • Use an information vacuum cleaner to distill information for you!
  • What happened to scare Winston when he went to speak in a prison!
  • What’s your plan for this year?

21 minutes of ideas from Australia where #winstonmarsh explains to people in the UK, how Australia and Britain differ.

In fact his use of language shows how more reserved we #brits are.