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In this interview, former hedge fund analyst Tom Hardin, also known as Tipper X, shares his story of involvement in insider trading and subsequent cooperation with the FBI.

FBI Investigating

He explains that during the financial crisis, there was a large FBI investigation into insider trading, and 85 people in the hedge fund industry were charged.

At the time, Tom, a hedge fund analyst, was approached by the FBI and agreed to cooperate with them.

Now Into Corporate Training

For the past seven years, he has been sharing his story as a speaker and corporate trainer, particularly in the area of compliance training in financial services.

Tom provides background information about his upbringing in Atlanta, his career in the hedge fund industry, and the prevalence of insider trading during that time.

Crossing The Line To Insider Training

He shares how the pressure to make short-term profits led him to cross the line and engage in insider trading. He rationalized his actions by believing that others were doing it and that he was just buying stocks before everyone else.

Wearing A FBI Wire With a Compelling Story!

Tom describes the process of wearing a wire for the FBI and gathering evidence against individuals involved in illicit trading on Wall Street.

Eventually, he pleaded guilty, and his name became public, leading to significant consequences such as being unable to work in regulated industries and having restrictions on personal accounts.

Family Support Guilt and Shame

Tom also discusses the challenges he faced in telling his family about his actions and the support he received from his wife.

He emphasizes the importance of responsibility for one’s choices and the difference between guilt and shame.

Tom believes that with advancements in artificial intelligence and improved trading surveillance, insider trading incidents like his might be prevented today.

Advice For Youngsters

He advises younger individuals, encouraging them to think long-term, find mentors, focus on self-improvement, and resist the temptation to cheat or cross ethical boundaries.

To learn more about Tom Hardin (Tipper X) and his speaking engagements, visit his website at

Derek Arden