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Here’s a summary of the interview with Tim:

  • Cattle guards can represent the self-imposed limitations we place on ourselves, and we should break free from them.
  • We should be keepers of the flame in our own lives, carrying the fire and not letting others extinguish it.
  • Small acts of quality can have a ripple effect and plant seeds that grow beyond our immediate awareness.
  • “Next time” is a better phrase to use than “should have done” as it focuses on the future and is non-judgmental.
  • Tim answered questions about Silicon Valley Bank, tipping, fire pits and their impact on global warming, and guns in Texas.
  • Owning guns is a very American idea, but there should be Red Flag laws to take away guns from people who have been deemed a mental case.
  • It’s important to respect individuals who hold different opinions or beliefs.

Derek Arden

Tim Durkin