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I restart Monday Night Live with an expert panel on the subject of handling yourself even better in the dark days of January.

Everybody’s a bit down; we have the January Blues.

So I’m privileged today to have invited four experts on their subjects all linked to positivity and taking care of yourself.  Your health and wellness.

Alison Gross – Physiotherapist

  • The important thing is; Breathing properly and Moving properly.
  • I get a lot of people in January at the clinic. By the beginning of February, we get lots of people with bad strains, muscle strains and things because they’ve overdone it.
  • They’ve got this great idea they’re going to get fit for the next year. And they will start at it and they forget to stretch and they do it too much all at once and then of course the body says, Hey, what’s happening?
  • But you know what? It’s just a question of making sure that you do a few simple stretches, you have a few goals and take yourself slowly rather than rushing into it all.
  • It’s very important to do that and to set goals.
  • Fitness goals are very important and a little plan about how you’re going to do it doesn’t have to be a big plan.
  • Alison shows some stretching exercises.

Carol Robertson – Chartered Physiotherapist Therapists teacher, ACMOS technique:

  • I use the eyeglass technique to improve people’s energy balance
  • So I prefer to talk about the charge now.
  • Sometimes you need to be the person in charge in order to get people to listen to you.
  • Breathing techniques,
  • Pivot a negative event happening in your life,
  • Use all of your senses.

 Janice Livin –  – Author of ‘Banish Burnout’; Walnut Creek, San Francisco.

  • The sun has a quick physiological reaction and begins to create vitamin D in your body which has a lot of many benefits
  • Vitamin D impacts the intestines, the immune system, cardiovascular muscles, brain cells, the pancreas and even our eyes.
  • Many people have seasonal depression known as a sad seasonal affective disorder – SAD
  • Align your sleep cycles and not be a night owl.
  • Preload yourself with happiness, chemicals in this case serotonin.
  • Walking outside gives you a double whammy of the endorphins from the walking and the endorphins from the sun and if you can add the element of a friend you get triple because you get the social element.
  •  There are benefits to certain kinds of stress.
  • If you want to use the word anxiety, let’s call it positive stress. anxiety or stress, maybe which is called positivity and energy and endorphins.

Kate Atkin – Author of the ‘Confidence Factor

  • Imposter phenomenon (Syndrome)
  • The world flipped on its head for me at that particular point in time for me personally.
  • Of course, the rest of the world flipped and changed in March 2020
  • We can make plans but sometimes we need to adjust ourselves and need to recalibrate ourselves.
  • TED Talk. Just accept the mess. Abandon The Idea Of Being Good And Just Try
  • My work on the imposter phenomenon, as it technically should be called, but everybody searches for the syndrome.
  • A message from Charlie Macy that I would like to share with you is to make a mess.
  • Vulnerability is about talking to others about internal imposter chatter.
  • What we do is create connections.
  • What we do with our phones is message people
  • Mobile phone – do we actually pick it up and speak to people?

TIPS For New Year For Health and wellness


I think my big tip is to move. bodies need to move and they don’t move enough generally especially if you have a desk job.  Get moving


So making sure that we have enough hydration can make quite a difference to how we feel.

Just bring all aspects of life into more balance.


Take your cell phone, do a real call outside and go for a walk. And then you get the triple whammy of endorphins.


 Well I’d go for a dog walk with a friend


Go out and ruin someone’s bad mood by cheering them up, giving them some energy by the way you talk to them and going make

Derek Arden