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Derek Outlines The Theranos Fraud Case and Elizabeth Holmes

Derek Arden looks at the current fraud case of Theranos and convicted Elizabeth Holmes.

The owner Elizabeth Holmes has just been found guilty of wire fraud in a Californian court.

Two years before she was arrested, Theranos was worth $10billion, now it’s worth nothing. How do you negotiate the value of a company from zero to $10 billion and then back to zero

An investigative journalist from the Wall Street Journal, John Carreyrou blew the issues of the blood testing machine, wide apart. It didn’t work very well, despite the claims.

Now a documentary has been made of the issues and a film is going to be produced.

With the increasing amount of fraud we face in 2022, fraud and deception is something we all need to be aware of and be able to help others.

A summary of the case is presented and then a panel will discuss what we can learn from the findings.

In this video a panel of experts analyse the issues following Derek’s succinct presentation

Derek Arden