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Attitudes and Curiosity

Derek Arden web chat with Alvin Law.with Canadian Hall of Fame speaker,

Alvin’s Mum took a drug in the 1960s called Thalidomide. Supposedly a cure for morning sickness. Unfortunately, it had unknown side effects.

Alvin was born with no arms and had, as you can imagine, a gruelling childhood, being given away by his real mother at 5 days old.

Short extract:

Alvin Law So my talks and my book is just about what people are curious about, how did I do this, how did I learn to function using my feet. Of course, common sense and insights will tell you that I’m not one of the only people on the planet like this, although it is rare,

I still think that the bottom line of my life has not been what I can do with my feet.

It’s, look what attitude can do for our lives. And that’s not meant to be a segue cliche. I just really believe it. I think attitude is the most powerful idea, and that has almost become a cliche because it can change our daily routine, it can change our interactions, it can change our relationships as you well know.

But more than anything is about giving up yourself from a positive energy point of view. It’s why everyone who meets me gets a memory of it.”