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Negotiator Derek Arden and Mediator Jane Gunn – Discuss arbitration, mediation, litigation, adjudication and empowerment options for the parties involved in disputes.

Jane has recently helped a client of Derek role-play and rehearse a dispute mediation.

Derek says how powerful the rehearsal was for –
1 – Increasing our leverage
2 – Putting our team in the strongest position possible
3 – Understanding where they were coming from

On this Monday NIght Live, Derek and Jane have a fascinating discussion about different approaches to different disputes.

01:00 Introduction of Charming and Tough Jane
05:00 Process of Mediation
06:30 Cost of Conflict
08:00 Role Play Mediation – Story and Impact if NOT Sorted
14:00 Mediating Emotions
15:00 Difficult Case of Mediation
17:00 Hijacking – loss of face
22:00 Co Mediating
24:00 Process – Compass – Now, Explore, Solution, Walk
27:00 Men or Women

Links referred to in Monday Night Live discussion

Corona Bonus video –

Domination or Partnership

Consciousness or Catastrophe

Derek Arden

Jane Gunn