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Derek Arden Monday Evening Live About Cultural Tips For Negotiating

Tim from Texas America – Stand for National Anthem, negotiating to buy cars and property

John – French: polite, language, gifts for friends only, knowing a few words. Dynamics and relational side of emotions, get to know people intimately

Mervet – Denmark:– high tax rates, quality of life good, handshake expected, no fear of authority, hugge – cosy and comfort, fun in negotiating, very much to point, not easily offended,

Grigor – Slovenia: respect – Don’t talk about Yugoslavia, Knowing a few words. Avoiders, email and mistrust.

Eva – Mexico: Estonia small talk, Midsummer days, gifts tolerated, small talk expected before the meeting, no emotions, mistrust. Americans get offended easily.

Gabie – Gibraltar: small but acts big, own football team, relationships – small talk is key, kissing and embraces, tactile. Business meetings sometimes over lunch, sarong, timekeeping – can be late for meetings. Embracing difference.

Mike – MiddleEast: late changes, no shows, flexible in timing, politeness, humility, seating arrangements, respect elders, etiquette tea, gifts not wine, flowers, long time to build relationships, families, football, hitch high, I trust you approach, patience.