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Graham Jones joins me from the University of Buckingham where today he is presenting the graduation awards to many successful students.

We discuss our project subjects and the other creative business ideas we have.

Graham is an author of 32 published books and a prolific writer, his recent sales book is called “Sales Genius” and he has this month published a book for anyone who needs to study in online.

Graham has run several organisations in the past and we have been collaborating for almost 10 years on different educational projects.

Today he is the business director at the University of Buckingham where he teaches 3 days a week.

Do not miss this power session to give you some creative ideas over August

Negotiation tips to make a difference.

Also hear about a Masterclass in November.

I have been working on a project with Graham Jones for over a year. Covid has held us up.

The project is to hold a one-day masterclass in a hotel in the middle of London where busy people can take a break, with a business partner, a family member or someone who collaborates or helps them. Click Here

4th November is the date. It will be a fantastic opportunity to take a break and to meet some inspirational people. Additionally to learn and relearn vital tips, techniques and tactics for success in 2023.

The next year will be one of mega change. Perhaps the most we have ever seen.

All proceeds will go to the DEC charity for Ukraine.

The project goal is to help people we have met or have followed us via our various activities like this briefing.

Share some powerful tips and techniques that make a real difference. No waffle, no spin just the hard facts and actions you can take to make whatever you do more successful.

Finally – to have some FUN

Derek Arden

Graham Jones