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Derek Arden Introduces Business Guests

25 Business Expert Tips

Alison Grose

Every 30/40 minutes, take a deep breath, check posture. Exercise and fresh air every day.

Graham Jones

Technology – no excuse for can’t setting up: we have to get to grips with technology – basic literacy.

Steve Head

Wheelchair rugby league – don’t do anything unless it makes us go faster: switch off all notifications on phone. Remove all interference.

Tracy Hooper

Confidence: is an equal opportunity endeavour; and can be learned, from taking action and practice makes progress and practice makes permanent.

Will Kintish

Following up: people don’t follow up on potential opportunity. If you have knowledge, expertise – giving them a gift. Follow up twice, third time give them an escape route – if you’re not interested in my services, let me know.

Tim Shurr

Stop checking email before 11:00 am. Puts you on other people’s agenda. Collaborate on all projects. More fun, more productive.

Simon Hazeledene

Get out of your own head, get inside your customers’ heads. Customer-first in everything. Self-referencing is no good for winning a business.

Jane Gunn

Power imbalance, leverage. Being able to listen. When they did listen, they realised there was no huge power imbalance

Eva Fanari

Negotiation – we have to do this with ourselves every day – if really excited or unexcited by opportunity, allow yourself space before saying yes or no – come from a place of calm and centredness before deciding.

John Vine

Demonstrate empathy, for shelf stackers and others. Doing jobs we need …..

Patricia Fripp

I have heard you are the best speaker in the world – love you to be our speaker: they paid me $500 years ago. I don’t need the practice and I’m not doing it for nothing, will do it for soft dollars – make the best offer. She offered me a first-class return airfare to the UK. What else can you give me? Soft £ and soft $

Peter Thomson

Stop selling and allow people to buy. Be convincing. Few trainers have a deluxe version of their offering. At least 10% will pay 10 X for a deluxe version of what you are offering.

Mike Williams

Don’t assume certain things, eg what the other side is thinking, that they know as much as you, that they have done what you asked, that they understand what you are saying. Preparation is key – if in a new country, ask others, be humble, be prepared to learn.

Esther Stanhope

Every morning grateful for 3 things. Even if you’re worried about something, thank someone, be thankful or grateful for something at that moment.

Justin Urquhart-Stewart

Change anxiety to excited.
Opportunity, eg vaccines, global economy, one of the best times to start a business is in the worst of time. Confidence makes an economy work – it is infectious.

Matt Crabtree

BGQ – ask bloody good questions

Godfrey Lancashire

Treat others as you would want them to treat you – be more tolerant and kinder and be more curious.

Gabrielle Gache

Best friends, make you feel good. Are you your best friend?

Penny Haslam

Stop taking yourself so seriously, be yourself. Take work seriously, not yourself. Success – to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Amy Rowlinson

Taking time out to think – one question: take one hour no distractions, just pen and pencil – looking for causes … – get yourself to experience what u are doing right now.

Chris Cooper

Change yourself, not the world. Maintain optimism, 3 grateful, 3 will achieve today, 3 achievements yesterday. What is your superpower, and how will you realise the full potential of it? Make every second count.

Daryll Howes

When we get back to face-to-face networking: all too much “flooding”. Overdrive, so happy to connect, danger in that?

Janice Litvin

When faced with a stressful situation, stop, take a breath. Observe.

Nancy Loates-Taylor

Think about your counterpart and what you want them to think, feel or do as a result of the engagement.

Notes Andrew Shindler