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Derek Arden in his Monday Night Live is interviewing Janice Litvin about her book – Banish Burnout

From Book Introduction

Welcome to the Banish Burnout Toolkit, the workbook based on my Banish Burnout: Move from Stress to Success programme that helps you change the way you react to stress from the inside out…

We all feel too much stress from time to time, our emotional reactions are part of a normal human response.

But here are two key questions for you to consider about the way you react, how low do you go, and how long do you stay there…

In other words, is your level of anger commensurate with the situation? And for how long do you let the native feelings linger. If someone cuts you off in traffic, how upset do you get? It is normal to have an emotional reaction when someone is rude or critical or annoys you in some way, especially at work. But do you let those emotions control you, so that you over-react to becoming combative? Do you stay “moody” or upset for a very long time…

All you need is awareness, your imagination, and the willingness to change. That is how you take charge and take control to let go of the power stress has over you. you will be happier, more productive, and you will banish burnout.


Derek Arden

Janice Litvin