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Karen is a branding and marketing expert who has worked at Virgin records and for 10 years at British Airways.

Derek met Karen Young a week ago at a networking event and asked her if she would be interviewed on MNL.

Karen now runs her own company employing eight people, primarily helping clients with their Google Adwords marketing.

We can learn so much from Karen not just in branding, marketing and social media but how her unique business model works.

Some Questions about Karen’s approach for her team: –

1 – What is radical flexibility?
2 – How does blatant honesty work?
3 – How does she just employ people for intelligence, energy and integrity rather than other selection methods?
4 – Why headlines are so important?
5 – What is a “Queenager” and how does her business work with 8 of them?

One of the important messages was about changes next year with “classic” Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

Derek Arden

Karen Young