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Monday Night Live is interviewing Tim Durkin about his Commonplace Book, Points of Impact

A Commonplace Book is a personal repository of ideas, insights, observations, quotes, anecdotes, reflections, and more, is a pocket-size, volume that is used to store useful information for future reference and or use. In short, a commonplace book is a recording of information and insights you want to remember today rather than a book

Tim tells us how he went about writing and publishing the book?
What were the issues he faced?
How did he publish it himself?
What is the VIVA model and how can we use it?
Plus other fantastic Points of Impact.

All entries about leadership, in the Commonplace Book, had to audition for inclusion against more than 900, other entries Tim had recorded on the subject, the competition was fierce and what didn’t get included is possible material for another volume down the road.


Derek Arden

Tim Durkin