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Justin Urquart-Stewart and Derek Arden discuss the state of the global economy in a conversation spanning various topics. Justin, a former stockbroker and investment guru, shares his insights on interest rates, inflation, and the economic situation in different countries.


He emphasizes the importance of managing inflation properly, highlighting the risks associated with rising inflation rates.

Justin also discusses the challenges faced by central bankers and politicians in addressing inflation and stimulating economic growth. He mentions the need for global cooperation and proper control over factors affecting inflation, such as food prices and power generation costs.

US Economy

The conversation then shifts to the state of the US economy and the potential impact of political figures like Biden and Trump. Justin expresses concerns about the age and health of political leaders and their ability to effectively address economic issues. He briefly touches on the debt ceiling debate and the financial implications for the US.

Geopolitical Landscape

The discussion further delves into the geopolitical landscape, focusing on China’s role in funding Ukraine indirectly and the potential risks associated with China’s assertiveness in Southeast Asia. Justin emphasizes the need to maintain a careful balance in dealing with China, acknowledging its economic significance while remaining cautious about its intentions.

Artificial Intelligence

The conversation concludes by mentioning artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on investment management. Justin discusses the role of AI in portfolio management and the potential benefits it offers in terms of cost-effectiveness and automation. However, he also raises concerns about the broader implications of AI decision-making in society and the need for caution in its adoption.

Overall, the video provides a comprehensive overview of various economic aspects and geopolitical dynamics, offering insights into the current state of the global economy.

Derek Arden