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Monday Night Live started with Derek ‘Negotiator’ Arden giving some tips about negotiations.

The main interview was with Tracy Hooper talking about her new book ‘The Now Hello’ all about post-pandemic hybrid working,

Tracy Hooper is from Portland, Oregon and is one of the most highly-rated speakers on the west coast of the USA.

Tracy is a former TV anchor, speaker and author. A very popular speaker on the website of great women speakers.

Tracy wrote a book ‘The New Hello’ but things have changed and she now has a new post-pandemic book called ‘The Now Hello’.

Confident Conversations

Six Conversation Starters:

1 Give a compliment
2 What, How and Tell Me
3 Be Curious
4 Pay Attention
5 Making Connections
6 Listen – (I never learned anything when I was talking)

  • Nervous Conversations
  • Breaking into Group
  • Toe to Toe means No
  • Give, give, give, ask
  • Thought about you
  • Hybrid Highway

Derek Arden