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Monday Night Live has a book review by Tim Durkin “Indistractable” written by Nir Eyal

Tim is a serial entrepreneur and a lifelong learner.

Author, speaker and Tim specialise in helping build resilience in people, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Tim’s latest project is studying the work of Nir Eyal and Nir’s latest book called “Indistractable”.

Tonight Tim shares with us his research including –

1 – How distractions in 2022 are derailing so many people causing stress, reduced productivity and health issues.

2 – What we can do about it

3 – How Tim is amending his training to include these new discoveries.

Tonight we will learn about –

  • The ten-minute rule
  • Surfing the urge
  • Ego depletion
  • Distraction v traction
  • Internal and external triggers
  • Why time management is pain management
  • The cure for boredom is curiosity
  • The zone of dangerous distraction

01:30 Daughter and Superpower
03:50 Talk with the animals
04:15 Indistractable
05:12 Cal Newport Deep Work and Nir Eyal Hooked
07:15 Indistractable Model
10:00 Pain Management
12:15 White Bear
13:00 What is the internal trigger
18:00 Ten Minute Trick
20:20 The cure for boredom
21:30 The Big ?
22:30 Four Steps
29:00 Distraction – Accidents – Pilots and Hospital Accidents
30:00 Precommitments – Effort Pact – Price Pact – Identity Pact
34:00 Blame – Shame – Claim
39:00 To-do lists

Derek Arden

Tim Durkin